Cleanroom swabs are used for fine and precision cleaning and the removal of dirt in small surfaces in the most cleanroom areas with its superior versatility. They are typically made of a handle from 50 to 250 mm long as well as a cleaning tip with special foam material. Various materials can be used to made this foam tip, which depends on the kind of contamination and dirt residue to be removed, or the nature of the surface to be cleaned.

The size and the material used play decisive roles in the application of the cleanroom swabs. The illustration on the right presents typical superior materials used for the tip and the handle for a foam-tip swab from MRC, which is available in various combinations that allows better precision and customization under all required circumstances.

Different kinds of cleanroom swabs are available from MRC, we have the polyester swabs, which is considered to be the best for sampling because of its vast release and absorption ability. Furthermore, we also have one of our best cleanroom swabs called the MFS-707 ESD swabs. As its name suggests, it is known for dissipating charges in under two seconds when used with a solvent or solution. The special manufacturing procedure and materials allow it to have the following features:

  • excellent for general cleaning of hard to reach areas and for surface sampling;
  • 100% polyurethane foam tip, excellent chemical compatibility with most solutions;
  • High solvent-holding capacity;
  • Superior compatibility that can be used with most common solvent such as IPA;
  • Low in particles, ion content and non-volatile residue;
  • Free from silicone, amide, and phthalate esters.

Additionally, one of the most effective kinds of swabs is the foam-tip swab, known for being super absorbent. Its cleanliness and toughness are also its best characteristics. Moreover, Unlike the cotton swab, the foam swab doesn’t leave any fibers after using it.

MRC technology MFS-707 foam-tip swab have foam heads that are dust free and can be used with different cleaning solvents. The structure of the polyurethane foam is perfectly suitable for trapping particles. The foam head is ideal for lubricant or solvents application.

To ensure the cleanroom swab has the highest quality available for our clients, some significant steps must be made during the production process to add more value. Firstly, we control the environment with strict standard to provide a required level of cleanliness. Particulates, emulsifiers, oils, ions and other possible contaminants must not exist throughout the manufacturing procedure.

Furthermore, product testing is also required which the firm self-evaluates and compares products to ensure consistency from one batch to another. Although the industry does not have a clear instruction on testing, we make due diligence in quality control to secure clients’ safety in using our swab.

Why Choosing MRC Technology Swabs

Sixteen years of field experience, Miraclean Technology works around four values: comprehension, dedication, respect, and commitment. These value are the pillar of having a special relationship with their customers, which make MRC one of the leaders in the industry. This philosophy, MRC technology protects and shares it every day to bring out the best in their collaborative effectiveness relationship with their customers.

MRC technology range of swabs allows its clients to use them according to their needs. The swabs can be offered by various materials such as foam,polyester, non-woven, or other materials. Whether clients need to clean surfaces that are dry, wet or they are made of pasty, steel, glass, plastic, or other materials, MRC offers swabs of different shapes, sizes, and compositions for specific cleaning jobs. 

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