1.Absorption capacity and absorption rate test

Reflects the adsorption capacity of a substance to a liquid and its holding capacity. Absorption rate is an important parameter of the absorption performance of the product to the liquid. The percentage of the liquid absorbed by the product to the original mass of the product is the absorption rate, and the higher the value, the stronger the absorption capacity of the product.

2.Non-Volatile Residue Testing(NVR)

The mass of non-volatile substances remaining on the dust-free wipe per unit mass and can be dissolved and extracted, i.e., the mass of non-volatile substances remaining after solvent extraction of the dust-free wipe and evaporation of the solvent in the extraction solution.
The determination of non-volatile residues is an important quality assurance test for the presence of any residues that may affect the quality of the product.

3.Liquid particle detection(LPC)

LPC test is an important test method to check the cleanliness of the test object, mainly to see how many particles will be produced that will affect the user’s product.

4. Air Particle Counting(APC)

When the product is used in the dry state, it needs to test its particle release in the air to assess the contamination of the user’s product in the dry state when the product is used, the particle release of the product to the user’s product.

5. Extractable ion content(EI)

The ion content of the analyte is deduced by immersing the analyte in ultrapure water, dissolving the electrolyte attached to the analyte in ultrapure water, and analyzing the specific ion content of the extract by ion chromatograph.

◆Cleanliness and physical property testing of the products can verify whether the products can be used in the strict clean environment of the clean room, and the high standard of testing makes the products more stable and reliable.

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