In industries such as electronic manufacturing, data storage, printing, packaging, pharmaceutical and textile industries, the problems caused by static electricity are very serious, and they are all looking for remedial measures, and anti-static cleaning swabs can effectively solve the problem of electronic equipment damage.

According to the Institute for Education for Sustainable Development, 25% of all electronic equipment damaged due to unknown causes is attributable to electrostatic damage and ESD damage in the electronics industry, amounting to $5 billion annually. Once an electronic device is exposed to an ESD event, the circuit of the device can be permanently damaged, causing the device to fail.

Another problem is that dust or contaminants can also be electrostatically attracted to your equipment surfaces and products, which is not allowed. Dust and other contaminants can affect product quality and productivity. For example, production is interrupted, production slows down, product quality declines, and more rejections occur. Therefore, in the production process, in order to reduce losses, it is necessary to use anti-static cleanroom swabs for cleaning.

Miraclean Technology Company is a professional cleanroom swab manufacturer. The dust-free cleanroom swabs, purification cleanroom swabs, and anti-static cleanroom swabs produced have been widely used in electrostatic-sensitive industries such as optoelectronics and microelectronics.