Card printer cleaning kits are an affordable way to protect your printer from damage, achieve optimal image quality, and extend the life of your printer. There are many brands and types of cleaning supplies, each designed to clean a specific printer model and area of the printer. To ensure a thorough clean that will not harm your printer, always comply with the recommendations found in your ID card printer manual. Here are a few common types of cleaning kits and how they’re used to clean and protect areas within the card printer:

Adhesive cards clean the printer’s card roller. These low-tack adhesive cards clean dust and other debris from the rollers to help prevent damage to your printhead. During the cleaning cycle, adhesive cards run through the printer in the same way as plastic cards do during card printing. Many card printers will notify you when it’s time to run a cleaning card through your printer.


cleaning card for card printers


Cleaning rollers continuously clean dust and debris from cards before they’re printed to prevent printer damage. Not all printers are equipped with a cleaning roller. It’s important to regularly replace the rollers.


Adhesive-based Cleaning Roller For Zebra Printer Cleaning


Alcohol swabs and cleaning pens clean the printhead (adhesive cards and cleaning rollers do not clean the printhead). It’s important to switch off the printer before cleaning the printhead and avoid touching the printhead with your fingers. Gently swipe the swab or pen over the printhead, and let the printhead air dry completely before using the printer.


cleanroom swab
cleanroom swab