Shenzhen Miraclean Technology series of cleanroom swab can be a good substitute for ITW Texwipe swab. All test parameters and technical indicators meet the requirements of the hard disk industry. They do not contain organic pollutants. The LPC value is far lower than the Seagate hard disk standard. The ion content is very low, excellent anti-static performance, can be used with 99% high-purity industrial alcohol.

Purification cleanroom swabs are also gradually replacing paper rod cotton swabs, showing several advantages compared with them.

Miraclean Cleanroom Swab
  1. The open-hole sponge head has excellent water absorption and cleaning performance, is not easy to drop dust, and has a long service life.
  2. The anti-static rod has good anti-static performance and protects sensitive components. At the same time, the polypropylene rod will not produce any dust particles during use.
  • Extremely low non-volatile residue (free of silicon, ammonia and dioctyl phthalate DOP)
  • Extremely low dust generation
  • Good liquid absorption capacity
  • No glue connection
  • Good chemical resistance (can be used with solvents such as isopropanol, suitable for lubricants and other liquids)
  • Double clean packaging to make the product cleaner

Our products are widely used in the hard disk industry, optoelectronic optical instruments, precision instruments, lenses, printers, scanners, mobile phones, computers, chips, laboratories, flat-panel displays and other electronic fields.