Cleaning Roller is a cleaning consumable designed for card printer cleaning. Printer cleaning roller is mainly used to clean the card printer into the need to produce empty cards on the dust, dust, etc., sticky dust wheel due to the surface of the imported double-sided adhesive production, so for the empty card on the dust and other adsorption is particularly high, the cleaning effect is remarkable.

An adhesive-based cleaning roller which has been designed to pick up debris from blank cards before the printing, thus it ensures that the blank cards are clean before hitting the printhead. It is a cost-effective way to maintain the Datacard card printers and enhance the printing quality.

Product Features:
■ Safety, effective and easy to use
■ No polluted by external contaminants
■ Strong adhesive ensures the cleaning efficiency

Customized Production
We custom manufacture cleaning kits for many of our customers in Asia, Europe and American. Cleaning features can all be customized to your specific requirement.

OEM Sales
Our products can be custom designed for customers wishing to utilized our products on an OEM basis.