Since the 1990s, plastic cards designed to perform more business functions, which is printed with the picture, name and other individual information to reach out different aspects of smart apps as an identity distinguisher. With the development of technology and commercial needs, it gradually was used in various fields. To satisfy increasing cards requirements, the card printer came out so the production can be more efficient and more individualized.

Card printer benefits

Card printer, as its name implies, is used for printing cards with the pictures. Now the card printer we usually use is the dye sublimation printer; it uses ribbon to print different and personalized information on the surface of PVC. It has a variety of advantages, such as low costs for the printer acquisition and the efficient use of consumables during printing.

Though the cost is low, its reducibility is of high quality. By adjusting the temperature of each semi-conductor element on the ribbon, we can combine the proportion and intensity of excellent colors to achieve the continuous color effect. The reason is that the dye sublimation printer has the ability to emerge and present more colors, so that it can guarantee the restoring degree of the image while ensuring the continuity of the tone for each image. Another advantage of the dye sublimation printer is that it can be used in micro-production. It can finish the mission quickly with printing on the PVC card directly, so it is a good choice for either a small order or an on-site card-printing event.

The importance of the card printer cleaning kit

Though there are many advantages of the dye sublimation printer, the disadvantage of it is obvious. It has a high requirement of the surrounding environment standard, which makes it especially sensitive with the dust and particles because any of them can influence the quality of printing. Therefore, it is of importance that we need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance. In this case, a high quality card printer cleaning swab can keep the machine clean and ensure the quality of the printed card.

Although the cleaning swab is the most mature and popular card printing cleaning tool due to its versatility and ability to clean, the card printer cleaning kit also contains a variety of forms. Here are four main kinds of it.

  • Cleaning swabs

The cleaning swab can be used in many parts of the printer, such as print heads, card path, guides, and rollers. Hold the swab stem and sweep the printer gently, the contaminants will be removed safely and efficiently. It is highly recommended as the primary choice for cleaning card printers.

card printer cleaning kit

  • Cleaning cards

We usually use adhesive cleaning cards to clean dust and other debris from the printer’s card roller and ensure not to damage the print head since it is low-tack. Its usage is easy and you just need to use it as printing a card.

card printer cleaning kit

  • Cleaning rollers

Cleaning rollers are used to remove the dust and debris from the card before they’re printed to prevent printer damaged. Not every printer is installed with the cleaning roller, but the cleaning roller must be changed regularly if your printer had one.

  • Cleaning pens

The print head is delicate so we need a special tool as cleaning pen to clean it. It is used to remove the ink, dust, and other contaminants from the print head to extend life and improve the quality of images.

card printer cleaning kit

Though there are many different kinds of card printer cleaning kits, we use them in the same purpose of not only improving the printing quality but extending the life of the printer as well. However, users must be careful that when they use the card printer cleaning kits, they should check out whether the printer is off and don’t let your fingers touch the print head. Besides, do let the print head air dry completely before using it.