The cleaning of the clean room is a very important daily work for pharmaceutical companies. The quality of the main tool used in the cleaning work, the quality of the dust-free cloth, directly affects the efficiency and effect of the cleaning work, but many companies have no idea how to choose this important tool and are not very clear about this. Here are some quality standards for dust-free rags for your reference and mutual exchange:

The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber double-woven, the surface is soft, easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, the friction does not remove the fiber, and it has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of the products are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. Optional edge banding for dust-free cloth generally includes: cold cutting, laser edge banding, and ultrasonic edge banding. Ultrafine fiber dust-free cloth is generally perfectly sealed with laser and ultrasonic waves;

1)The application of dust-free wipes:

  1.  Semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, etc.;
  2.  Semiconductor assembly production line;
  3.  Disk drives, composite materials;
  4.  LCD display products;
  5.  Circuit board production line;
  6.  Precision instruments;
  7.  Optical products;
  8.  Aviation industry;
  9.  PCB products;
  10.   Medical equipment;
  11.   Laboratory;
  12.   Dust-free workshop and production line.

2)Product features of dust-free wipes:

  • Excellent dust removal effect, combined with anti-static function;
  • Efficient water absorption;
  • Soft and will not damage the surface of objects;
  • Provide sufficient dry and wet strength;
  • Low on release;
  • Not easy to cause chemical reaction.
  • No fiber loss, laser edge sealing