In the daily use of the card reader, it will encounter situations where it cannot be used properly, and the main reason for this is the impact of contaminants on its use. There are two main sources of pollutants: one is environmental pollutants; for example: oxides, oil, dust, acidic gases, etc. The other is the source of contamination on the card, such as dirt and various foreign contaminants that accumulate on the reading head and remain on the card after entering through the slot. These two types of contaminants mentioned above can have the following adverse effects on a company’s equipment.

1.An increase in data processing times.

2.An increase in the instability of the equipment and the possibility of data loss.

3.An increase in service and maintenance costs.

4.The resulting reduction in productivity, which inevitably increases customer dissatisfaction.

Improper cleaning practices and the selection of cleaning consumables can have an impact on the cleaning of your card reader, and Miraclean’s CR80I cleaning card can help you solve your card reader cleaning problems with ease. Keeping your company’s equipment in ideal condition and operating well. This has the advantage of preventing data loss and saving time and maintenance costs, thus increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.