Why is card printer cleaning important?

Card printers, like cars, require routine maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Caring for your card printer is more than just making sure it doesn’t break hardware, it’s also about ensuring the best possible print quality. Only by cleaning off the dust and residue can the ID card with the best picture effect be printed. Plastic cards have a strong static charge and can easily attract dust and grime and stick to the printer rollers. This will affect the quality of the print, cause blurred images, and may cause the printer to malfunction if it is not cleaned for a long time. Frequent cleaning can not only improve the print quality, but also prolong the life of the print head.

1.The cleaning wheel can make the printing effect clearer

The cleaning wheel can clean the dirt on the empty card before printing, so as to improve the printing quality

2.Use a cleaning cotton swab to clean visible dust or dirt

If you can see dirt on the print head, you can use a cleaning swab to clean it. Never use sharp objects to scratch the print head, as this will cause irreversible damage.

3.Use the cleaning card to do a more thorough cleaning

You can use a cleaning card soaked in IPA to clean the print head and the transfer wheel. The IPA solution can effectively remove the dust and residue stuck on them.

4.Every time you change the printer ribbon, clean the printer at the same time.

We recommend cleaning the printer every time the ribbon is replaced, for the convenience of the user.

5.Don’t ignore the cleaning warning light

Don’t expect the warning light to go off automatically after a while. Users can buy branded cleaning products or off-brand products, which are much cheaper. Regular cleaning of the printer can extend the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.