Clean room, also known as purification workshop. Clean room refers to the elimination of particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and the control of indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise vibration, lighting, static electricity, etc. within a certain range of needs, a specially designed room is given. That is to say, no matter how the external air situations change, the interior can have the characteristics of maintaining the original cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure and other performance requirements.

   The main function of the clean room is to control the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the air in contact with the product (such as silicon chips, etc.), so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space, which is what we usually call clean room. Regarding the classification of clean rooms, all countries in the world have their own specifications, but the US Federal Standard 209 is generally used. The following will only introduce and compare 209D and 209E with the standards formulated by other countries in the world.

     The U.S. Federal Standard F209D uses the British system per cubic foot as the unit, while Japan adopts the metric system, that is, the unit is per cubic meter, and the counting standard is 0.1μm particles.The expression of the Japanese standard is represented by Class1, Class2, Class3…Class8. The best level is Class1, and the worst is Class8. The total number of dust particles per cubic meter is reduced to the power of 10. That is what we usually call the ISO classification level.

      Miraclean Technology Company has built a 100,000-class clean room, and has the ability to add filters at any time to upgrade to 10,000-class. All of our dust-free purification cleanroom swabs are cleaned and packaged in a clean room to maximize the cleanliness of the product. If you are interested in our products and dust-free production workshop, you are welcome to visit our factory in Shenzhen at any time.