IPA Cleaning Pen for Evolis Printers head Cleaning

Evolis ACL005 Printhead Cleaning Pens – Qty. 3

  • Manufacturer and item#: Evolis ACL005
  • Includes 3 cleaning pens – for cleaning the printhead
  • For use with the following Evolis card printers:



Product Name IPA Cleaning Pen
Model No. MHC-P001
Solution Content Solution Content
Packaging details 12pcs/box


MHC-P001 is a pre-saturated IPA cleaning pen that has been specially designed for cleaning dirt, oils, magnetic oxides, lotions and other contaminants from the printheads of all kinds of printers. It is a cost-effective way to maintain the printheads and increase the service life of the magnetic heads. It is also widely recommended for cleaning LCDs, cameras, computers, POS terminals, ATM terminals, currency counters and other financial equipments where ink stains and adhesive residues are difficult to remove.


Product Features

■ Safety, effective and easy to use

■ No polluted by external contaminants

■ Better cleaning effect through flocked surface

■ customization is available to suit different currencies

■ Aluminium foil packaging make it has high tightness and long shelf-time




Model No. Description Product Listing
Zebra 105999-302 Cleaning Card Kit
for ZXP Series 3
4 Print Engine Cards (390*90mm) and 
4 Feeder Cards (115*155mm)
3633-0053 Magicard 3363-0053 Cleaning Kit
4 Print Engine Cards (390*90mm) and 
4 Feeder Cards (115*155mm)
ACL001 Evolis ACL001 Cleaning Kit
5 adhesive cards(54*90mm) and
5 IPA Snap Swab(4.5”)
89200 Fargo 89200 Cleaning Kit 10T-Cards for deep cleaning cards(76*326mm)

4 printhead cleaning swabs, 10 Cleaning pads, 
10 Adhesive Cleaning Cards(54*180mm)
3 Long Cleaning Cards(294*54mm)


Miraclean Printers Cleaning Kits & IPA Cleaning Cards have been widely used for Zebra Card Printers, Evolis Cards Printers, Fargo Card Printers, Magicards Card Printers, Datacard Card Printers and all kinds of Financial Equipments maintenance.




Customized Production

We custom manufacture cleaning kits for many of our customers in Asia, Europe and American. Cleaning features can all be customized to your specific requirement.

OEM Sales

Our products can be custom designed for customers wishing to utilized our products on an OEM basis.




Evolis ACL005 Printer Cleaning Kits
3 IPA cleaning pens
Net weight: 50g
Packing dimension: 150*48*17mm/box
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