FS-706 Rectangular Tip Polyurethane Foam Swab

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Item No Total length Tip length Tip width Tip thickness Handle length Handle width Handle thickness
FS-706 80mm 27mm 9.4mm 8.6mm 53mm 10.8mm 3.2mm~6.4mm


FS-706 Foam Swab is thermally bonded by 100PPI open-cell polyurethane foam & light green PP handle. Its large rectangular head possesses excellent solvent-holding capacity and durability. It is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amide and phthalate esters, and it features very low non-volatile residue (NVR), ion content and particle generation. FS-706 is specifically designed for general-purpose cleaning of large surfaces, and it’s the perfect choice for cleaning of thermal printheads, Inkjet printheads, check scanners and optoelectronic sensors.



■ Free of silicones, amides and phthalates

■ Low particle, ionic content and non-volatile residues

■ High solvent retention capacity, compact and wear-free tip

■ Compatible with most common solvents such as IPA

■ Designed with large rectangular head and sturdy handle



Handle: Polypropylene

Tip: polyurethane foam



Clean, odourless, tasteless, with no yellow spots, stains, or foreign matter, smooth and without burrs or mold spots.



Under a force of 4N, maintain for 15 seconds without permanent bending deformation or breakage.


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Miraclean has a professional clean production workshop, aided by a digital system for real-time online recording and monitoring of temperature, humidity and differential pressure, regular monitoring of suspended particle counts in the workshop and daily monitoring of purified water to ensure the quality of the water for cleaning processes.

A standardized testing room, with advanced testing equipment from PMS and Thermo Fisher, is staffed by experienced inspectors to test all parameters of the products and process water. The goal of Miraclean is to make quality control down to every production detail!

Packaging Details 500pcs / bag (contains 5 inner bags), 100bags / case
The Case Dimension 480 ×320 ×250 mm

Delivery Time

100 Bags–500 Bags      3-5 Days

500 Bags–1000 Bags    5-7 Days
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 Product Name FS-706 Rectangular Tip Polyurethane Foam Swab
 Model Numbe FS-706
 Total Length 80mm
 Tip Length 27mm
 Tip Width 9.4mm
 Tip Thickness 8.6mm
 Handle Length 53mm
 Handle Width 10.8mm
 Handle Thickness 3.2~6.4mm
 Packing Information  100pcs per bag, 30bags per case, case dimension is 420*380*340mm
 MOQ 1000PCS