Product Name Double Tip Paper Stick Cleanroom Cotton Swab
Model No. MDPS15-002
Material Cotton tip & Paper stick
Total Length 75.5±1.0mm
Stick Length 73±0.5mm
Stick Diameter 1.52±0.08mm
Tip Length 13.5±0.8mm
Tip Diameter 2.6±0.4mm
Packing details:  25pcs/bag, 50 bags/box, 20 boxes/carton, carton dimension: 42×27.5×42cm 


Product Feature

■ Free from silicone, amide and phthalate esters

■ Designed with flexible head paddle & long compact handle

■ Lens module process, CCM module, HDD, FPCB, fiber optic cable and other electronic components are widely used in the industry.


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