MEC-ICR80I made with compressible fibers for superior cleaning performance, this double-sided cleaning card cleans the read head and entire track of a magnetic stripe reader in one pass. The card can be used in insert, swipe, and motorized readers. Magnetic Card Reader are used extensively in various industries. These readers are a key component in ATM’s, POS, Credit Card and Insert equipment.


MEC-ICR80I CR80 cleaning card is a disposable presurated cleaning card that has been specially designed for removing dirt, magnetic oxides and other contaminants from concealed magnetic heads and optic sensors. These alcohol-free cards safely & effectively clean the internal components of the card readers without damaging its belts and rollers, the card provides one-step and on-the-spot solution for nearly all maintenances.



Why Clean

Printers become dirty from dust, grease, ink or other environmental contaminants collect on the interior of the equipment.

When to Clean

Clean your ID Card Printer every 500 prints or when printer ribbons ar changed.
Dust, ink and debris can cause printer errors and misprints.

How to Clean

Insert the cleaning card into ATM, then ATM display will notice “This is an unavailable card” or “we don’t deal with the card” and so on, then card is exited automatically. Then turn around the card and repeat above operation, the card is exited again Thus this cleaning card just finished a cleaning process.





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 Model Number

 Dimension(inch)  2.12 x 3.3452
 Dimension(mm)  54 x 85.5
 Thickness(mm)  0.711mm
 Customized size  available
 Active Component  pre-saturated by 99% lsopropyl Alcohol
 Quantity  50pcs per box, 40boxes per carton
 Carton Dimension(inch)  19.59 x 13.06 x 10.2
 Carton Dimension (mm)  480 x 320 x 250
 MOQ  2000PCS

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