Fargo 89200:4 swabs,10 pads,10 adhesive cards,10 IPA long cleaning cards

Fargo 89200 are disposable presaturated cleaning cards which have been designed for cleaning dirt, oils, debris, lotions, magnetic oxides and other contaminants from Fargo card printers. It is a cost-effective way to maintain the card printers and increase the service life of the magnetic heads.



Product Name Fargo 89200 cleaning kit for Fargo card printer
Model No. Fargo 89200



1. 4 printhead cleaning swabs
2. 10 cleaning pads
3. 10 Adhesive Cleaning Cards
4. 3 Long Cleaning cards – 296mm


Product Features

■ Electronic-grade IPA

■ Safety, effective and easy to use

■ No polluted by external contaminants

■ Better absorbency than other 100% cleaning card

■ Blending spunlace, polyester, cellulose and PVC card

■ Aluminium foil packaging make it has high tightness and long shelf-time


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 Model Number  MRC-Fargo 89200
 Content  4 printhead cleaning swabs
 10 cleaning pads
 10 Adhesive Cleaning Cards
 3 Long Cleaning cards – 296mm
 Customized size  available
 Active Component  99.9% lsopropyl Alcohol
 Packaging  1 set/ zip lock bag
 Weight  260g/set